Inexpensive holidays in Corsica. Cheap family holiday with children.

Convent of St. Hyacinth

The former Dominican monastery of St. Jacek Odroważ (St. Hyacinth) has been owned for over twenty years by the French-Polish Association of Friends of the Polish Catholic Mission in France, Concorde.
Renovated by the enormous financial effort of Polish emigration, the old buildings have regained their former glory and are today the largest retreat centre in Corsica, a favourite holiday destination for families and groups coming from the continent.

Inexpensive holidays in Corsica are attracting more and more countrymen from home and abroad.
The great advantage of this place is the beauty of the surrounding mountains, short distance from the sea and above all the exceptional silence.
Holidays can be combined with spiritual renewal: the monastery chapel is open all day long and it is possible to participate in the morning Mass.
The olive park that surrounds the object is conducive to reflection.

This is a meeting place ...


... full of history, rich in the heritage of past centuries.